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Survey your audience, gather their feedback, respond, and make data-driven marketing decisions 

No matter where you are in your marketing process, you must connect with customers on a regular basis in order to know who you’re talking to. Personas evolve constantly, how people work and buy have changed dramatically just in 2020. You constantly need fresh data to drive the best decisions. However, when you pay for each response, those ongoing conversations and insights get expensive fast. offers marketing research software for individuals, teams,  and companies of all sizes. Some of the largest enterprises in the world trust  to be their exclusive provider of marketing research software, as do with thousands of entrepreneurs and mid-sized companies. 

Make better decisions, driven by data;

With easy-to-use features, allows you to fine-tune your marketing and market-research surveys, automate processes, trigger workflows, and get your work done faster and more efficiently.

Features include:
  • Easy Integrations with third-party software such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot so that customer feedback becomes central to your marketing decisions.  
  • Advanced Market Research Reporting and presentation tools for data storytelling. 
  • Advanced Survey Logic so your respondents only see the questions that are relevant to them. 
  • Built-in Actions such as automated email sends that are triggered by respondent behavior so you can reply to people and keep them engaged. 
  • Complete Brand Control so your surveys come from your URLs and domains and match your brand style and format.

Put marketing insights at your fingertips;

Let your survey results drive better marketing decisions in near real-time.’s built-in marketing research tools and techniques give you the insights you need to keep your customers at the center of your decision-making. 

Advanced reporting features include:

  • TURF – Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency reports.
  • Cross Tabulation – Compare data cell by cell.
  • Data Visualizations – Customize each question type with multiple charting and visual options.
  • Segmentation – Compare responses against each other by any criteria to find correlation and causation in your results.
  • Filtering – Find your answers faster by digging into only the most relevant data to your question.
  • SurveyGizmo also makes it easy to export raw data to multiple file types, including SPSS, Excel, and CSV.

Get survey solutions for every step of the market research process;  does more than just one type of data collection. In fact, the software is flexible enough to address all of your market research software needs, including collecting feedback for:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Persona Research
  • Purchase Tracking
  • New Product Research
  • Net Promoter Scores
  • Website Feedback
  • Content Interest

With easy integration with CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as Slack and JIRA, you can then feed this information into sales and product development to become truly customer-centric.

                                                                              Minitab Software


Decision-makers are confronted with problems and decisions. When addressing these, external factors; many of them being random or uncertain, have an effect. Decision making under uncertainty, however, entails handling the risk of missing or unreliable data, the risk of inappropriate models and methods of evaluation, the risk of random and structural differences in ones’ predictions for the appropriate scenarios, and to evaluate statistically.

Our Solutions

As the person responsible for strategic decisions as well as for management decisions, customers need reliable data, figures, and facts – about markets, customers, competitors, and much more. We analyse the customers’ CRM, content management and e-commerce. These solutions help broaden costumers’ user base and increase costumers’ return on investment.

                                                                              MATLAB Software can benefit your business. You can use the statistics we produce to help start and grow your business. Data for business has free information that you can use for:

  • assessing future industry trends
  • economic monitoring
  • target marketing
  • profiling an area
  • estimating your market share
  • assessing consumer spending patterns
  • benchmarking your business against other businesses in your industry.

What do customers get?

  • Market research, trend analysis, analysis of secondary data
  • Data-based strategy and management consulting
  • Data-driven Business Intelligence
  • Customer and employee surveys, evaluation
  • Market-Mix-Modelling (e.g. we optimize your advertising strategy)
  • Surveys, In-depth interviews, and questionnaire evaluations

What do we need from customers?

  • Raw data from CRM database, Google Analytics etc.
  • A short description of business

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